Personal Breathalyzers - Here's Why You Need One

With the rise of drunk driving accidents and deaths to contend with, Americans are searching for better ways to protect themselves and their families against this tragedy.

The solution? Personal Breathalyzers. These are becoming such popular safety tools in the wake of so many news reports of victims of drunk driving and just personal accounts of DUI’s, companies like Safe Driving Breathalyzer can't keep up with demand.

"We had to open up a second factory just to keep up with the massive amounts of orders coming in."

The Safe Driving Breathalyzer is currently the most popular personal Breathalyzer of choice for most Americans due to it's accuracy just to so easy to use. You think you only had two drinks 2 hours ago and should be in the clear, but now you have a guaranteed answer if you should be calling a cab and not taking any chances.

Everybody Knows This Situation

If you've ever had that horrible fear of sitting in a lineup of cars waiting to go through a police drunk driving checkpoint, knowing you had a few drinks, and now in the most stressful situation. If you take a chance and lie, and say you didn’t drink, you have a chance of them rushing you through the lineup, but if you do admit to drinking a single drop of alcohol, the police now have a duty to breathalyse you. At that point if you blow over, you are looking at your license being suspended, a criminal record, and potentially your life is really ruined.

Or even worse, you had a few drinks, you think you feel fine, and head home from the bar. It’s late, you had a long week, and just want to get home to bed. All it takes is closing your eyes for a split second, the steering wheel nudges to the left and you fly right into oncoming traffic, hitting a family of four, killing the toddler sitting in the back seat. There is no question your life and definitely this innocent family’s life is completely destroyed now.

So what can you do about it?

Don’t wait to become one of those nasty statistics, always carry the Safe Driving Breathalyzer in your car, charged up and ready to go. You jump in your car, and do a quick check. Equipped with the new fuel cell sensor technology to draw the most precise breath quality, and a grade of accuracy trusted by nationwide law enforcement agencies and hospitals, the Safe Driving Breathalyzer is among the most trustworthy on the market.

Make it an end-of-the-night drinking game with your friends, to see who has blown over the legal limit, and every one of those bozos gets tossed into a cab or we call a loved one to come pick them up.

If you are more concerned about your son or daughter just beginning to drink, their tolerance will be especially low, and driving experience limited, this is a great gift from you to them; very practical and potentially life saving.

How effective are Breathalyzers, really?

Police departments use Breathalyzers like the Safe Driving Breathalyzer as preliminary screening devices DUI traffic stops to determine is someone is intoxicated. The Military use Breathalyzers to ensure its service men and women are safe and sober while on duty. And now American citizens can have the same technology at their disposal to ensure the safety of themselves and their family members.

"In times like these, it's more important than ever for Americans to be prepared for anything, and this Breathalyzer is one of the easiest solutions to keep yourself out of a world of problems…"

We Tried The Safe Driving Breathalyzer To See For Ourselves:

Our Review:

Upon receiving 3 Safe Driving Breathalyzers, we could already tell these were going to be very useful. The breathalyzer itself is easy to use and portable, and I had no problems setting it up to be ready to test myself.

So first up I drank 3 beers and finished watching the first half of the Cowboys game. About 20 minutes after finishing the third beer I did the test and blew a 0.09. Which across America would be enough to be over the legal limit and I would be in the drunk tank, and in serious trouble.

My wife performed the same test and after only 2 beers and waiting a half hour she had blown a .08. If we weren’t already sitting in our living room we would be calling an Uber. Why did we chance this decision to drive or not all these years? It’s insane! This is clearly a tool you can and should take in your car everywhere.

These Safe Driving Breathalyzers are selling for 70% off their normal price! So it's a good time to get them at a discounted price. If you want to make sure you and your loved ones are always prepared, this breathalyzer is a great start. It has our vote so much that we made sure everyone on our staff had at least 4.

Comments (6)

    Susan D. wrote:
I can't believe these are so cheap, i have seen them in walmart and target for 4 times the price!
    Paul C. wrote:
I've heard of these from friends, but they're always sold out. It's great to finally get one and the huge 70% discount helps
    Kevin L. wrote: wrote:
I bought several of these for my family, it's so important to be prepared! Especially in these days... I recommend every one get at least one. Could be a lifesaver!
    Richard B. wrote:
This is the best! I can't believe I used to risk it - now I know if i need to call for a cab or if I can drive.
    Daryl J. wrote:
My breathalyzer came today, couldn't be happier. I'm ex-police and now I can keep my family safe.

Stats from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Every two minutes, a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident involving alcohol.

Each day, 300,000 people drink and drive.

On average, 2 of every 3 people will be on either end of a drunk driving accident in their lifetime.

The average number of times that a drunk driver has driven drunk before getting arrested is 80, and approximately 2 of every 3 people who get pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving isn't a first-time offender.